"You may be a woman and you may be an artist; but the one is a given and the other is you."
For my paying Subscribers, here is a very condensed (for length) version of my transcript for Schiaparelli’s Zodiac Collection, a talk I gave last year…
Chicago-born Helen Lundeberg (24 June 1908 – 19 April 1999), a noted California artist, Surrealist, and Post Surrealist, moved to Pasadena, California…
Nan Goldin
It started with a conversation. Two men, perfect strangers, meet on a train. Their acquaintance begins with a polite exchange of words and results in…
In that camera-sharp place where planetary upheaval had lift its signature: the now placid monuments that, as far as anyone out there cared, had been…
Surrealism, Spinxes, and Wood Sprites
Seashells and Clergymen
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Love Letters During A Nightmare